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  5. "Farewell, Jesus be with you."

"Farewell, Jesus be with you."

Translation:Aloha, Iesū pū.

December 19, 2018



The issue, I think, is not that this is somehow offensive but, judging from what a lot of people are saying in other threads, that this is not an expression that is commonly used in Hawaiian. The skill, incidentally, is called "Polite Exp." If these are not usual, polite Hawaiian expressions, they really do not belong in this skill!


The phrases "Iesū pū" and "Ke Akua pū" are used by Christian Hawaiians when saying farewell to each other. They are very commonly heard among the poʻe Niʻihau.


I entered exactly that and was flagged as a typo Any idea why?


I accidentally typed L (l) instead of I (i). I don't know if made the same mistake, but that might possibly be what happened.


Same here, dont know why


I am starting to understand and learn about another language such as this one with a knowledge and background of faith in their own culture, it's interesting for me even if I am not religious. Much appreciated!


Isn't aloha greetings or hello and not goodbyes?


It's for both


Aloha has many meanings


I am not strongly against writing 'jesus or god' although I am an atheist. HOWEVER, the bigger issue here is that christianity was brought to Hawai'i by the united states missionaries in the 1700's and its not something that has come from true Hawaiian culture. This is a saying that was adopted by the Hawaiians because the missionaries who came to Hawaii were there to spread their christian religion. They are the ones who created the written Hawaiian language based off of the latin letter system. I personally thing its wrong to use this because it was it was introduced by the very people who took over the Hawaiian archipelago, which rightfully belongs to the native Hawaiians. Christianity was not their religion so if anything god should be referring to the Hawaiian gods and goddesses including Pele the goddess of volcanoes and fire. or "Tūtū Pele" as a sign of respect. I have lived in hawaii two separate times and I see this true hawaiian culture much more often.
(I am not saying that hawaiian christians are bad or anything like that, Just that if were learning hawaiian lets learn some real culture here.
Thanks for reading :)


I think when something has been the dominant religion in a place for 300+ years you can pretty conclusively say that it's part of the "real culture". The Scottish Gaelic course has about fifty sentences referencing a soft drink, after all... it's not all Braveheart quotes.

Not sure at what point in history a place would have had to converted before for it to be okay to acknowledge common phrases with religious meanings. Should we take the Catholicism out of the Irish course? Should we take the Islamic sayings out of the Arabic course?


Im not saying anything about the other courses. I am saying that when learning hawaiian it feels wrong to be talking about 'jesus'. Its okay to have different opinions though


What is the typo in my answer?


A typo is when you press one letter but mean another . Also just be lucky they are okay with typos


Same, when I typed it the correct answer it said I had a typo even though the the correction said the said thing as my answer.


Could you copy what you typed and paste it in this thread? That might help us figure out what is going on.

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