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And now they're adding audio to the Swahili course!!

Just stumbled upon the first audio in the Swahili course: koti. I haven't come across this earlier, so I guess that we have to thank our new contributors for this. Awesome!!

Edit: audio is being added while I'm doing a lesson. Made a mistake, and so I got the same question again: the second time with audio included. And, this time a more complex sentence than koti :)

December 19, 2018



Oh wow! I'm so happy! I'd let Swahili fall by the wayside because the lack of audio (even though there are other sources to hear how it sounds) was really tripping me up.


I had stopped because of no sound, now I feel like a new language has been added.


I guess this is DuoLingo's Christmas present to us.


I waited to start, untill audio is there


Even listening excercises, wow, that is what I really need. Just in time, In February I will go to kenya :-)


I'm excited for you! I just left Kenya after living there for 2 years. It is a GREAT place to practice your Kiswahili (although note that it's way more casual than this course. Don't expect to use "shikamoo" or "maharaba" unless you're at the coast. Stick to "Mambo" and "Sasa" for greetings)

DuoLingo wasn't available when I first moved to Kenya so I'm jealous of the head start you may have ;-) Bila shaka ni nchi nzuri sana!


Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised! I thought this was never going to happen. This is awesome.


Good news! I had temporarily abandoned Swahili for lack of audio, so sounds (pun intended) like a good time to jump back in again!


FOR REAAAL? Let's go! Time to learn Swahili!!!


I think I just spotted the first mistake in the audio: Hakuandika kitabu sounds suspiciously much like Hukuandika kitabu. Maybe my ears have to get tuned to the Swahili sounds. Reported anyway.


I knooow this is awesome! :)


I've kind of forgotten about Swahili for that reason, but I'm so happy! I'll start again soon!


Yay. Hopefully I will start Swahili in the new year :)



I remember I actually wanted to try Swahili, but the audio thingy made me felt... uncomfortable. Now I'll see if I should try to learn it again!


This is excellent news!


I am absolutely thrilled. This has been such a long time coming!


I am so happy to hear this! I can't wait to try it! Swahili was my first language to start learning on Duolingo (I chose it because I already knew it), although I did start Spanish a few minutes later.

Edit: I tried it. I am thrilled to hear that there is audio, but I am sorry to say that the quality is not very good.


Woo hoo! This is great!


I got the listening exercises but couldn't hear anything. I repeatedly pressed the audio button but nothing happened!!


Great. But can we also improve audio? The sound is bad compared to other language.

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