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OMG.... Is there sound now!?!? FINALLY!!!!

I am crying tears of joy. I am seeing sound on the Prep+Conj course. I am seeing it on half the lessons. Is anyone else seeing it?

Update: Seems to only work on the desktop. Not on the app or mobile site

Update 2: So far the working Audio only worked for one lesson in the Prep+Conj. I haven't seen the option again since. Maybe they are actively loading it. Fingers cross.

Update 3: I see it in the Interrogatives lesson. Waiting patiently for it to hit mobile and/or the app

Update 4: Seeing sound on the mobile website and the app!

December 19, 2018



I have found some errors and glitches so far but I can forgive that, I am just glad I can start Swahili again.


same i have too. Be sure to report!! But ever since it was announced that we received new contributors I have been reporting everything i know to be wrong (especially from the English side). Hopefully they stay on long enough to give this course the push it needs to be completed


Mirabile auditu!


I am seeing sound on the Prep+Conj course. I am seeing it on half the lessons. Is anyone else seeing it?


I see it. I saw it a long time ago


i mean it is actually working. it never used to work


Wow this good news. I also get a lot of feedback on accepted answers.


Since it's been about a day since this was posted, I'm going to try out some lessons and see if they have audio. This is great news!

Edit: Having audio is wonderful news, but I don't think that the audio quality is very good.


I have only found a few instances of audio so far, and yes the audio is not very good. It is better than the Portuguese audio used to be and the Catalan (for Spanish speakers) audio was last time I checked.
Despite the quality of audio in the Swahili course this is an incredibly good development.
I hope the errors in the course have also been corrected since my knowledge of Swahili is not nearly good enough to detect them yet.


I've just encountered the sound for the first time in the Present Tense 1 skill. So far it sounds pretty clear. Definitely a major improvement to this course!


Technically I am "hearing" it, but yea, I am happy! :)


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