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  5. "मुझे छाता दो।"

"मुझे छाता दो।"

Translation:Give me the umbrella.

December 19, 2018



Why isn't "Give me an umbrella" correct?


I would assume it is because you are talking directly about a certain umbrella. If it was about giving someone any umbrella the sentence could be changed to "मुझे एक छाता दो"


Won't talking about a certain umbrella use 'yah' or 'is'?


Yes it can. But it doesn't always have to.

yeh or is would translate into English:

  • Give me this umbrella.

the sentence here is "Give me the umbrella. Hindi does not use articles like English does. There is no use for 'the' in Hindi.

example: The dog eats. is "कुत्ता खाता है" where the first word is dog and the second and third represents eats with the second word being the verb and the third stating the present tense. There is no direct "the" in Hindi. Which is why there doesn't have to be a यह or इस in the sentence.


Wouldn't hurt to say please


Vinay92 - Is there a rule for which direction to write the symbol at the base of other letters when making the "oo" sound; for example, as in "मुझे" or as in " जूता"?


First one is pronounced like the "oo" in "book" Second one is pronounced like the "oo" in "food"


I remember it as: if the loop goes to the left it is short: ु = u
if it goes to the right, it is long: ू = ū.
Same for the vowel I: short–to the left ि = i;
long–to the right ी = ī.


Thanks, I never spotted the relationship in form to ई/इ — that's a really good tip for remembering


First (clockwise) is a short oo and second is long oo I believe.


An umbrella hota hai , but there is the umbrella

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