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"The doctor has appointments on Mondays."

Translation:Hālāwai ke kauka ma nā Pōʻakahi.

December 19, 2018



Can someone give more explanation on the translation?

In English language, the translation reads- appointment the doctor on Mondays.

Is this a case where a singular context of words represents the plural?


Honestly I really think their given English translation is a bit misleading. I could be wrong. But based on the literal translation of the sentence, the English should be something more like: “The doctor meets on Mondays.”


BarbaraLea, from my notes: when talking in generalities, singular can be used as plural. Iʻm seeing this happen more and more.


Shouldnʻt "i" work just as well as "ma" (if not better) for "on Mondays"?


Yes, my mistake. I as m translating too literally. 'A'ue.

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