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Flash Cards

I'm a huge flash card person, so I took it upon myself to make some! Studyblue.com is the best site for making your own flashcards electronically. They have an iphone/android app, so that you can keep them with you at all times. You can also take quizzes and go through the cards based on how well you know them, etc.

I'm not that far into my lessons yet, but I made a collection of flashcards that include the vocabulary and exercises for Basic 1, Basic 2 and Phrases. Keep in mind, I have these mastered, so the exercises might not be the same as you're used to. There also might be a few repeats, but you can change these however you like.

Here's the link: http://s.tudy.it/twhilxe

I figured this might help some of you out, and I'll be sure to post when I make the next deck which will include the next three sections!


April 5, 2013



Do you like studyblue over quizlet? I use Anki for my flash cards. Often I will go to quizlet to grab a premade deck and import it into my Anki deck. https://ankiweb.net/

The desktop software is free, the android app is free, and the iPhone app is $25. That sounds like a lot at first, but I haven't found any flashcard app that competes across any platform so well.

Anki uses SRS, so you aren't constantly flipping through the exact same cards all day long.


You can choose what cards to study in a variety of ways if you use studyblue. You can pick them to come up randomly, in any specific order, have the ones you are having the hardest time appear more often, etc. At the end of reviewing your flash cards, it also tells you the percentage right, and keeps all the data for you.

The exciting bit about studyblue, is that you can use pictures or audio as flashcards as well.

Best of all, everything is free. You can also download study cards from a few different websites (like evernote) and import from excel sheets. Additionally, you can also make yourself review sheets and quizzes from the material you have in your account.

I'm not associated with them at all, I've just taken a handful of language classes in my time, and a few years ago when I was in college, nothing like this existed. It's exciting to have flashcards wherever I go without lugging around boxes of cards with me. You should check it out, trent241.

There is a paid version, so if you want to edit someone else's deck, that's not available without paying. I haven't come across this circumstance yet, so it hasn't bothered me. This is also why I've made a deck and posted about it; so that anyone here can use it, and if there's any issues I can edit them myself.

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