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Has anyone had luck with the microphone on a Mac?

I have tried the Duolingo page on two different Macs (one a Macbook pro, and the other a iMac) both running Mavericks, and on both the microphone will maybe pick up one word in a sentence at most. I read the FAQ, and disabled flash blocking for the site, etc. My microphone sensitivity is set at maximum, and it works fine for programs like Skype.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else using a Mac has had luck with the speaking exercises.

May 15, 2014



I successfully use a USB Logitech microphone with Duolingo on a Mac running OS 10.7.5. Did it work on your Macs prior to upgrading to OS 10.9? Sometimes I find DL requires me to speak slowly, sometimes it prefers the words all slurred together. Thanks for calling my attention to Mac's newly released OS 10.9.


I hadn't tried it before upgrading, so I'm not sure if my results would have been any different. Thanks!


I use some lower end Klipsch earbuds with my 4 year old iMac running 10.9.2 and have had no problems on the microphone side.

I have not experimented with the built in microphone.

On the other hand, even though I have white listed Duolingo for my flash blocker every once in a while they say they can' ts end me audio and then their audio works fine anyway without me doing anything, haven't figured that one out yet.


I tried plugging in my phone headset to the headphones jack on the iMac, and it is receiving audio much better now - thanks for the tip!


Every time I click the microphone: ih.js:223 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined at ih.js:223 (anonymous) @ ih.js:223


I have a macbook pro and a PC desktop. The only browser that worked for me, to show the mic on the exercises was Chrome. Both on MacBook and PC. No matter how I fiddled with the settings neither Safari nor Firefox worked.

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