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"Literatur und Kultur in Stadt und Region."

Translation:Literature and culture in the city and region.

April 5, 2013



The answer references 'the', but the german version does not have this article. How goes it?


This is simply worng.. in german you would not only have the option to use an article here.. it woudl also be more common.. also this is a frase not a sentense.. there is no verb at all.. at best it could work as a title to an article or something of the sort. But either way the translation without the 'the' is the correct one.. putting an 'the' woudl even be worng in my oppinion.. and I am a native german speaker


Is it just me or this sounds like "stadts und"?


I found it very difficult indeed to understand the final three words.


I heard Staat! How can one tell the difference by sound?


Why isn't "in cities and regions" correct?


Because the German phrase presented is not "Städte und Regionen".


It is very, very difficult to understand what the voice is saying in the final word. It is very unclear.

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Why is there no article before "Stadt" in the German sentence?


I really don't like the use of phrases like these instead of complete sentences. They serve no purpose aside from memorising vocabulary, and that isn't even that effective because they aren't all that memorable. Tell us more interesting things about Duo instead!


Another ambigious translation

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