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I finished all the badges. Now what?

Is there more? I finished Navajo and feel like I still don't know much.

December 20, 2018



Navajo really needs to have a bigger tree.


learn a new language. Become a higher level. These are things i did when i was bored (Other than teaching my students)


they will probably expand the tree soon like Hawaiian


Navajo is a brand new beta test language, so it's really not in a position to be anyone's main focus on here at the moment. Over time it will grow and you'll have the opportunity to do all the new lessons, though (the other new beta language, Hawaiian, added 9 more lessons this month).

In the meantime you can do Spanish or one of dozens more languages. It gets addictive, as you can see from all the people with multiple flags next to their name.


Here are my two cents; I'd focus on leveling up to 5 and mastering all of your vocabularies if you are really going to be committed to Navajo my best guess is not to abandon it entirely and just keep practicing this language so you don't forget it.


Ahéhee’ everyone for your comments. I realize I forget the vocabulary almost as fast as I learn it, so i will review. I have also added a couple more languages. I'll be patient and wait for the fuller version. Thanks again.

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