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I have deemed offline practice now useless

Offline practice used to work! I could do the lessons and then come home and have the points and everything still. But, now for some reason when I practice offline it doesn't recognize that I have completed it and I have to do it all over again. For example- once I completed Abstract Objects 1 and Verbs: Participle while I was offline but what I described above happened. I tried it again yesterday: same result. I don't know if this is just since the new update for the app came out(iOS) or what, but I know that it used to work and now it doesn't. I would appreciate it if someone could help me out or, if this is a universal problem please comment and up vote so others can see this. Thanks, Kat

May 15, 2014



Moving this into the troubleshooting section. Can you send us a support ticket via the app. 'Profile' then 'Settings' and click on 'Send feedback'. We will be able to take a closer look. Are you syncing? Is your wifi spotty like yonoleo mentioned?


My wifi isn't spotty. I will try to do Send feedback. Thank you for your help!


Yes, please send it, so we can take a closer look.


I will. Thanks again!


Here are two things I have noticed:

  1. If you start a lesson and your signal is spotty, there is a chance that duolingo will hang for a bit and then accept your response as a good one even if it is not. When this happens, chances are the lesson will not be valid once you finish it and go back to having a good signal again. My solution has been to turn my phone to airplane mode when I know my signal will be bad.

  2. If you start a lesson and then fail to finish it, you cannot start it again until after you go back online. I mean, you can, it just will not count.


Yeah, but the weird thing is that it used to count! I could do three lessons and them be valid when I got back home! Thank you for commenting on your problems though!


I know, I did more than half of the German tree on the subway (offline). I would not be able to do that now. It will get fixed I am sure.


I really hope so!


I have had this problem since the last update before the 4.0 version of the iOS app. I posted about it once here- https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2238335

I have tried everything, deleting and reinstalling the app, making sure there's enough memory available on my device, etc, to no avail. I've noticed some complaints about this problem on the iTunes store too, so I think it's a bug in the app.


Hmmmm...thanks for your input. The funny thing is for me is that it used to work. That's what I'm so confused. Thanks again!


Any news on this? Meanwhile, I stopped using Duolingo, except the rare time I have online... :-(


Hi - I have exactly this problem.

Most of my learning is done on the train (iOS) and you go in and out of signal all the time. It used to work fine, finish out of signal or in a long tunnel and it would give you your score later. Now I reckon more than 50% of my lessons are lost in the ether because I finish them outside of signal. I'm still learning, obviously, but my scores aren't counting.

One thing i've started doing is getting to the last question and not answering it. Waiting till i get back into an area with signal and then answering it. It works most of the time, but sometimes I forget and other times iOS dumps the app from memory and it starts a fresh session, so you lose everything.


Interesting, that this issue was posted 5 years ago and there still seems to be an issue. I worked off line for three hours during a flight, when I was back on land, my computer had caught up with all the lesson I had done off line. Now I am trying it again, while away from WiFi and it is not adding. I lost 3rd spot this way and got demoted. A paid the PLUS so i COULD work off line, but it is a waste of money

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