"नेहा अच्छे कपड़े पहनती है।"

Translation:Neha wears good clothes.

December 20, 2018

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How is this particular lesson about weather at all, when it is in the category weather? It is more about clothing, and the two have very little in common just like these emojis


Why don't emojis show up duolingo should fix this


I hope they never do.

The comments sections of the Hindi course is already an absolute gutter.

Meaningful contributions are already sparse, (though I don't want to sound ungrateful to the moderators and contributors who ARE doing a good job) and across all the 5 or 6 languages I have attempted here, it is in this one where I am seeing the most one or two-worded comments such as "Hi" or "Hello" or "I like".

Let's not encourage the further dumbing down of dialogue by introducing emojis.

This is supposed to be an educative, resourceful and insightful forum (albeit a casual one), not a chat room


Why can't clothes be nice instead of good?


Well, as of now, apparently clothes can be nice.

But, clothes apparently cannot be called "clothing". :-)


So it can be!! But as they've not provided that option here


It is about weather and every single question is about clothes


Did anyone else notice the exceedingly irregular pronunciation of पहनती? It "should be" pahanati, but instead sounds like pehenti.


Good observation. You're absolutely right.

This is one of the oddball rules of Hindi pronunciation - one of those "little things" that Duolingo didn't mention because they didn't have enough time for all the big things.

An ह character in between vowels often modifies the vowels, especially when it's the schwa sound on either side, such as in बहिन, "sister". If you listen closely, you'll notice that बहन is pronounced more like "behen".

I stumbled upon a great explanation of this once, but now I can't find it. But this one I just found at least mentions the issue: https://hindilanguage.info/devanagari/. Search for the phrase "vowels appear on both sides of the consonant ह"

---- edit ----

P.S. With some speakers, you'll also notice that बहुत sounds kind of like "bohot".


Why not dress? (ーー;)


Because that's a specific type of "Cloth/Wearing/Garment" while they were just referring to her in- general dressing style not some specific clothing that she wears!


i like the way it teaches


Neha wears good clothes


You too are wearing good clothes ✌


This app have very interesting features

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