I did my lesson on my mobile app and then lost my 221 day streak - and I'm kinda mad...

December 20, 2018


Did you do the lesson yesterday? After you finished the lesson on the mobile app, you need to go onto the site and check to see whether or not it worked. If you see that your daily goal hasn't been reached, refresh the page. Do this each time you use the mobile app and you should be fine.

December 20, 2018

Your streak (223) is still shown in your public extended profile page


This is better visible in your (unofficial, but very useful) webpage in

  • streak: 223
  • no streak freeze equipped
  • the graph shows: one day no XP registered

Probably, your "streak freeze" was used that day to protect your streak.


  • buy a new "streak freeze" in the Lingot shop
  • check every time whether your device has been able to synchronize with Duolingo's servers. See the comment of Chevy_Barnes
December 20, 2018

Me too. I lost 1020 days!!!

December 23, 2018

...and I was feeling bummed because I lost the number of weekends I practiced. I sure hope you get your days returned.

December 25, 2018
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