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  5. "qalopmeH QaQ jajvam."

"qalopmeH QaQ jajvam."

Translation:Today is good for me to celebrate you.

December 20, 2018



This is confusing for me, because while it may be good for me to celebrate you today, out of convenience, or whatever reason, the day is not "good," expressly so that I CAN celebrate you.


I've had the same problem with purpose clauses, but there are a number of them that work exactly according to this model, so it really does work this way.


Okay... Thanks for the help!


Cultural background: when Howard Wolowitz sang Bernadette a song in The Big Bang Theory, his Klingon pronunciation of Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam "Today is a good day to die" sounded more like qalopmeH QaQ jajvam, which also sounds plausible.



Nine mos. later, I still run into the same "-meH" thing. And "qalop..." would really be too sweet for words. Gotta remember that.

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