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  5. "What is Kēhau?"

"What is Kēhau?"

Translation:He aha ʻo Kēhau?

December 20, 2018



What is Kēhau? Perhaps: What is Kēhau(ʻs profession)? What is Kēhau(ʻs work)? What is Kēhau(ʻs job)? What does Kēhau do for a living?

He aha ʻo Kēhau? = What is Kēhau?

He mahiʻai ʻo Kēhau. = Kēhau is a farmer.

He mākaʻi ʻo Kēhau. = Kēhau is a policeman.


uhm, Kēhau is a person..... what kind of a question is this? lol


Curious - why is there a kahakou over the "e" in Kēhau? I've ONLY EVER heard it pronounced "keHOW" - NEVER as "KAYhau." What's been your experience - anyone?



I was able to find the word in the dictionary but have not heard it spoken as a personʻs name.


n.1. Dew, mist, dewdrop. See ex., ʻōpū 2.

  1. (Cap.) Name of a gentle land breeze, as of West Hawaiʻi; Ka-paʻa, Kauaʻi; Kula, Maui; Hālawa, Molokaʻi and Oʻahu. (For. 5:97.)


It is a very commonly used name with affection due to that person being like "a gentle breeze"


Yikes this sentence doesn't translate well. Leave Kēhau alone. He's just doing his best, okay? Lol


The " ʻo " attached to everything is really unnecessary unless you're directly using it to carry a name place or personal noun.


Right? RonRGB's post cleared it up for me. Before that I thought didn't put 'o because I didn't know what Kēhau was (novel, town, canoe, Hawaiian person,?) without any context provided in the question.

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