"What is Kēhau?"

Translation:He aha ʻo Kēhau?

December 20, 2018

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What is Kēhau? Perhaps: What is Kēhau(ʻs profession)? What is Kēhau(ʻs work)? What is Kēhau(ʻs job)? What does Kēhau do for a living?

He aha ʻo Kēhau? = What is Kēhau?

He mahiʻai ʻo Kēhau. = Kēhau is a farmer.

He mākaʻi ʻo Kēhau. = Kēhau is a policeman.


uhm, Kēhau is a person..... what kind of a question is this? lol


Yikes this sentence doesn't translate well. Leave Kēhau alone. He's just doing his best, okay? Lol


The " ʻo " attached to everything is really unnecessary unless you're directly using it to carry a name place or personal noun.


Right? RonRGB's post cleared it up for me. Before that I thought didn't put 'o because I didn't know what Kēhau was (novel, town, canoe, Hawaiian person,?) without any context provided in the question.


Curious - why is there a kahakou over the "e" in Kēhau? I've ONLY EVER heard it pronounced "keHOW" - NEVER as "KAYhau." What's been your experience - anyone?



I was able to find the word in the dictionary but have not heard it spoken as a personʻs name.


n.1. Dew, mist, dewdrop. See ex., ʻōpū 2.

  1. (Cap.) Name of a gentle land breeze, as of West Hawaiʻi; Ka-paʻa, Kauaʻi; Kula, Maui; Hālawa, Molokaʻi and Oʻahu. (For. 5:97.)


It is a very commonly used name with affection due to that person being like "a gentle breeze"


A disappointment lol


Why is the "He" put here? I thought the "he" is the indefinite article "a".


Yes, it is. In Hawaiian, you are literally asking "Kēhau is a what?" - expecting an answer like: "Kēhau is a teacher."


What is the 'o for anyways?


I'm confused. Last time I wrote 'He aha 'o Kēhau' and that was marked incorrect, while they said " 'o wai" was the correct response. Now they're saying the opposite. Can someone please explain?

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