"My shirt is worn by my younger sister."

Translation:Kemeja saya dipakai adik saya.

December 21, 2018

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Why is there no 'oleh' in this sentence? Yaitu, 'Kemeja saya dipakai oleh adik saya'


Same question here.


anyone have an answer? i am wondering why aswell...



When the 'di-' verb is followed directly by the one performing the action (as it does here with 'adik saya' - my younger sister), 'oleh' can be omitted.


And yet, all three possible answers, in the multi-choice version, now include "oleh"! Correct solution given as: "Kemeja saya dipakai oleh adik saya".


I never add an “oleh”—just for getting used to a grammar that is different than the English one. Try it out, Duo will not give you an error most of the time! Word order makes the job, but sometimes it’s not enough, and you have to add an “oleh” (look at these below here, it’s obvious!)

Kemeja saya dipakai hari ini oleh adik saya. My shirt is worn today by my younger sister.

Tasnya diambil dengan cepat oleh penumpang. Her bag was suddenly taken by a passenger.

Labu mereka dianggap menjanjikan oleh bank. Their pumpkins are considered promising by the bank.


So oleh is also correct? But maybe not often used?


both are correct but, colloquially we prefer to omit "oleh"

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