"How many women are they?"

Translation:वे कितनी औरतें हैं?

December 21, 2018

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In the previous sentence: "How many people are there?" the correct answer was: कितने लोग हैं So why now such a bizzarre structure instead of simply: कितनी औरतें हैं Anyone?


कितनी औरतें हैं = how many women are there? वे कितनी औरतें हैं = how many women are they?


Thanks so much , you are very good here!


The question implies to indicate a certain group of women... that's why the English sentence ends with... are they .... and the Hindi sentence begins with VE.... rest is as what you have mentioned ;))


Why is it कितनी and not कितने (plural)?


Because औरतें (Women) is feminine. In Hindi femininity takes precedence over plurality. The three forms are Masculine singular, Masculine/Mixed plural, and Feminine, which will end in ई whether you're talking about one woman or twenty.


I think that's a confusing way to put it. The feminine pl. form just happens to be the same as the feminine sing. form.


is the ve actually required in this sentence?


As a matter of interest, can I say वे औरतें कितनी हैं ?


No it is wrong its like How many are there woman? That's why


That would be clunky.... although it would be understood. An easy way to frame questions in Hindi is.... first write the answer.... then replace the question word in the exact location. Eg. Ve kitni auratein hain? Ve teen auratein hain. Woh kya kar rahin hain? Woh naach rahin hain.

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