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  5. "eight, seven, six"

"eight, seven, six"

Translation:tseebíí, tsostsʼid, hastą́ą́

December 21, 2018



It keeps telling me that I have a typo and yet I am sure this is what I typed. I am using a desktop computer and selecting the letters from the menu. It does count the answer as correct.


Beause I can't generate the double accented a's it says I'm incorrect. Keeps repeating over and over.


If you add a' at the end of hastaa it works


still getting a typo message on this when there isn't one.


Loads of thequestions spell the same number different ways - it's the accented vowels that keep changing. I'm looking at them really carefully, but where I get it right in one question, in the next question the same number is spelt differently. Very frustrating when you're trying to level out without mistakes because you have to guess which spelling it's going to want this time!


Yes, and a year later, this is still happening. Some questions show it as both "a"s with the hook and accent; others show just the accents; others show both "a"s followed by apostrophe with no accent or hook. Duolingo needs to get some experts in here to clean this up!


You have a typo and misinformation in your correction, trying to tell me that hastą́ą́ is spelled hast'aá.


I dont have the character under the letter a, but besides that its correct. Id like to be able to move forward, but cannot due to the keyboard issue.


I have an Android and noticed if I hold down on the letter, other characters pop up. Hope this helps!


My phone can't use both symbols at the same time, therefore it says its wrong


I get the same issue.


Im done with this I've been trying for 20 MINUTES. I can't do both symbols at the same time.


My answer was exactly the same as the example I am getting frustrated with this program and am ready to give it up.


Some exercises accept "hastą́ą́", this one says it's a typo, but counts it as correct. I think it's a mistake on their matching text.


A harfi yüzünden bir türlü geçemedim


Hastáá works for me.


How do you type the accents? My phone doesn't do that. Thanks!


If you have an Android phone, you can go to Google Play, and download Gboard. Press the gear icon and the Navajo keyboard is there, under 'n' among many other languages.

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