"She likes that orange hat."

Translation:Dia suka topi oranye itu.

December 21, 2018

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I thought the wird for orange is jingga?? Why was the answer oranye what is the significance?


oranye = jingga <== they're synonyms.


So no nuances in color difference? I always feel when different words describe the same color they have often slight differences


No, there is no difference in colour.
There is only a difference in origin, 'oranye' is a loanword from Dutch.

Colour differences are usually expressed with words like "muda' (young) or 'tua' (old).
biru muda = light blue.
biru tua = dark blue.


Is the t-shirt in the tips a joke? I don't quite get it.

Gua pingin jingga gua makan oranye.

I look in the dictionary and gua is cave. But I google translate it and it comes out as I. Also, why I'm assuming pingin means want but that's not in the dictionary. Why not ingin or mau?

And I assume oranye is just the color, so you can't eat it.


Gua in my dictionary is described as "(Jakarta, Chinese, Colloquial) - familiar first person pronoun". (plus its other meaning of cave). This is not standard Bahasa Indonesia. You are correct that Oranye is the colour orange. Jeruk is the citrus fruit. I assume that pingin is a colloquial variation of ingin. In my dictionary it is linked to "kepingin desire, want strongly" but didn't have its own meaning. In this course you should use mau or ingin. One of the exercises somewhere early on, not in this set of exercises, is "I want an orange, I eat an orange" (Saya mau jeruk, saya makan jeruk) which might have triggered the play on words.


I sometinles do not understand the choosing of words in Duolingo for Indonesian


... topi oranye itu VS ... oranye topi itu ? Any explanations ? Thank you.


In Bahasa Indonesia, the adjective comes after the noun. Putting the colour before the object is incorrect. (It's the opposite to English.)

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