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  5. "I am the second one."

"I am the second one."

Translation:Je suis la seconde.

April 5, 2013



How does "le second" differ from "la seconde"? Do they correspond to the gender of the speaker? I did not even know that the first existed, and it came up in the multiple choice question. :o


"le second' is an assistant, second in command, right-hand-man, second (in a duel).


I have a silly question, does "la seconde" has a female gender? or can I use it for both genders, because I saw -david.davey- response and maybe saying le second means another thing


All French nouns have a gender. This is one which has a feminine version (la seconde) and a masculine version (le second).

  • Second in order (2nd) translates to French as 'le second' masculine in gender, or 'la seconde' feminine in gender; and it's interchangeable with 'deuxième'.
  • Second indicating time (hour:minute:SECOND) is always feminine in gender and translates to 'la seconde'


Is yahya's explanation correct? Any native speaker? Just so many contradictory responses in this thread. So wonder which I should take in as knowledge. Thanks.


What does it mean "Je suis la second"? so someone is neither a minute, nor an hour but a second?????


No, the point is different here.

NOrmally we count as such "Premier, deuxième, troisième, quatrième,..." = "First, second, third, fourth,..."

But, in the special case where there are only two options, you can say "Première, Seconde".

Hope it's clearer now


Thank you, i did not know. but now it is clear for me


i put je suis la deuxieme and got it right. but you're saying that seconde it the same word and an acceptable substitution?


Is it possible to say "Je suis le deuxième?", and what would be most common if so?

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