I finished the first go through of the polish tree today!

To było dużo pracy, ale miło!

It was an interesting jurney, from understanding only some words, because i speak annother slavic language up to understanding the basics of the polish language.

Thanks to the dualingo team. Learning with dualingo is fun, altough i consider that you need also some more traditional sources of learning a language, if you want to learn it more detailed and understand the grammar rules.

There is still a long way to go, untill reaching level 25.

Keep it up dualingo!

December 21, 2018


Congratulations! How long have you been doing the Polish tree and how would you describe your Polish now?

December 21, 2018

Thank you,

i started araound 6 weeks ago. After the first lessions i realized, that dualingo is a pretty playful, interesting, entertaining but incomplete way of learning. I am missing traditional things like a vocabulary list or general explanations of basic concepts, how to build tenses for example and so on. But due to the fact, that the site is free, you cannot really complain abaut it much.

So i decided to make a first pass through the tree in order to get to know the basic concepts of the language. In that way i found out which topics i understand intuitively and for wich ones i will need to learn the theoriy in an old-fashioned way. I will spend some time now with old shool learning, before doing the second run through the tree.

I would estimate my polish skills, considering the short time of learning the language untill now, as fallows:

Reading: I can read and understand almoust every dualingo sentence now. Easy small texts on the internet are also partly understandable. "Real" texts are heavy to understand. There will me much more practice needed.

Write / grammar Far worse then reading, mainly because i just worked with the dualingo examples untill now and did not read much theory.

Speaking I did not have a chance to try it untill now, but probably simple sentences would be possible to speak for me in polish.

December 21, 2018

Serdecznie gratuluję. Jaki znasz inny słowiański język? Jeśli miałbyś jakieś pytania dotyczące języka polskiego chętnie Ci pomogę a przynajmniej spróbuję pomóc. Pozdrawiam, Cristóbal

December 24, 2018

Dzięki, Cristóbal! Mówię po chorwacku. Szkoda, że ​​ten język nie jest tutaj oferowany. Pozdrawiam

December 27, 2018

pretpostavljam da učiš još pored ove aplikacije, jer sam ja na level 18 i još nisam imao neke riječi koje si upotrijebio u ovim rečenicama. Slažem se da je šteta što nema hrvatske platforme. ;)

January 1, 2019

Super gratki ale czy znasz na tyle jezyk polski aby sie porozumiewac w tym jezyku? Ja ucze sie angielskiego na DUOLINGO i osiagnelam 25 poziom i wiem ,ze tak nie umiem tego jezyka. Mieszkam w Anglii i tylko rozmowy z "native" maja sens. Znam "a lot of words" ale mam trudnosci z ukladaniem zdan. Pozdrawiam i zycze powodzenia:) ps. Jak widze znasz jezyk angielski "perfect" i pewnie pochodzisz z kraju anglojezycznego.

December 27, 2018

If you want to learn english and improve his skill and break you fear to talk with different people i recommend you search in the youtube quest for english Krzysztofa Sarneckiego man has power and give me good energy to go ahead and fly away with my english and do not feel fear to speak with different people although i very often make mistakes and sometimes i can not find good words to expression my thinks and opinions. I am what i eat and what i know.......

December 27, 2018
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