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Translation FROM English TO German/other language

Hi. I am working on Duolingo German. The translations are great, but I have only found German to English translation tasks. Are English to German translations available, or are these planned in the future?

July 12, 2012



Their business model is that native English speakers translate German sentences to English. Having beginner learners translating texts to German would not yield good results (they can't monetize the translations), so it's not likely they will add it. But I agree it would be useful for learning, because actually expressing things in an other language is the best way for the language to sink in.


We would have to wait for them to make English for German-speakers which is probably at the bottom of the list.


Eventually they want to create a system in which the community can add more languages (and language pairs, I guess). Luis said this and other things on Reddit yesterday:


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