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Klingon Question for any speakers out there- possession

I really love Duolingo. Heavy on the French, and have played around with the Spanish and Russian.

I picked up the Klingon dictionary and have played around with it on Duolingo.

Here is the question.

baH'wI' (gunner - take a verb add wI' to essentially to the job of -er in english)

Possession - use the suffix wI (on a being capable of using language (otherwise -wIj).

So MY GUNNER would be baH'wI'wI? (pronounced "bach-wee-wee").

Is this correct. Sounds kind of funny.

December 21, 2018



HIja'. bIlugh.
Yes. You're correct. But remember the qaghwI' (') on the possession -wI' (but not on baH). And also, note that the syllable does not sound like "wee", but rather like "wit".


Eu sempre tive curiosidade kkkk mais eu estudo o alto valariano e mais difícil esse outro


The correct spelling is baHwI'wI'. Do not add an extra apostrophe after baH.

The correct pronunciation may be heard here: https://hol.kag.org/sentence/baHwI%2527wI%2527

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