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  5. "ʻO ka lā ʻehia ka lānui?"

"ʻO ka ʻehia ka lānui?"

Translation:What date is the holiday?

December 21, 2018



I keep typing the answer without looking and then find out I'm supposed to click words with the mouse. It'd be nice if there was an aural clue.


You have a choice if you want to type your answers, toggle the keyboard on, if not, use the word tile,


Word files are available only randomly even with the keyboard turned on.


You shouldn't get any tiles if the keyboard is on!


Right? And yet it happens frequently! Go figure.


Disagree with the 'la 'ehia' choice. Was always taught that meant the date; not the day.


Question: in normal speech (mine, anyway) I used "On what date is the holiday?" and was scored a incorrect. And after reading all the comments here I'm wondering whether the "on" or the "date" 2 the error. Looks like I just need to learn to outguess DL better.


My understanding is that "ma" is used to convey "on" q date. No ma, no on.


ʻO ka lā ʻehia ka lānui?

ʻO ka lā ʻelua o Malaki ka lānui. = The holiday is March second.


What date is the day? ʻo ka lā ʻehia ka pōʻahia? Anyone want to tackle that?


Actually, the Hawaiian for that English would be, ʻo ka lā ʻehia ka lā?, but it still doesn't make sense.


Iʻll ask some of the Hawaiian language kumu I know in the UH system for their take on it


Here are 2 giving their take on Lā ʻehia and Pōʻahia. If going by that than one can use ʻO ka lā ʻehia ka lānui? or ʻO ka pōʻahia ka lānui? depending on if you want to know the specific name of the day https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/30110956/ka-l%C4%81-%CA%BBehia-P%C5%8D%CA%BBahia


I found out "What date is the day?" doesn't make sense from one kumu


Right. And if it doesn't make sense in English, there isn't likely to be a Hawaiian translation that does.


What date is the day of the wedding? Nope, you're right. Even with an object it doesn't make sense in English.


How would you say "what day is the holiday?" (which was my incorrect answer)? - as in Monday, Tuesday, Etc. (I don't think that was covered in the discussion above, but it was sort of confusing...)

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