"Gambarkan saya bola."

Translation:Draw me a ball.

December 22, 2018

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If I wanted to say "Draw my ball", would it be "Gambarkan bola saya?"


Gambarkan saya kambing ... Just an idea ☺️ ... Reference to le petit prince of saint Exupéry ... To give some better exemples with better meaning


What if I say "Gambar" instead of "Gambarkan"? How would the listener interpret this?

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    as far as I know it is matter of Intransitive and Transitive case.

    "Gambar" would use in Transitive sentence (of Verb, used with a Direct object.)

    "Gambarkan" would use in Intransitive sentence ( of Verb, used without a Direct object).


    I think you got it the wrong way around

    Gambar ! - draw ! (no object) however I find gambar more used as 'picture' and it might be misleading to use it as imperative...

    gambarkan ! (+ object) - draw sthg /draw for s.o .!

    So back to the little prince:

    Tolong... tolong gambarkan aku seekor biri-biri

    Please... please draw me a sheep!

    Gambarkan seekor biri-biri untukku !

    Draw a sheep for me!


    Gambarkan saya domba ...


    "Draw a ball for me is better English than "Draw me a ball."

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