TNs, U34: Adverbs 2(Construction, Adverbs with Negations)

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Constructing Adverbs

In English, many adverbs are constructed from adjectives by adding "-ly" to the end. For instance, "quick" becomes "quickly". In French, add -ment to feminine adjectives to create adverbs.

  • facile (easy) ⇒ facilement (easily)
  • forte (strong) ⇒ fortement (strongly)
  • grande (great) ⇒ grandement (greatly)

However, if the masculine form ends in -nt, replace that ending with -mment instead.

  • constant (constant) ⇒ constamment (constantly)
  • prudent (prudent) ⇒ prudemment (prudently)

Adverbs with Negations

In negative clauses, adverbs that would otherwise follow the verb usually appear after the negation.

  • Nous ne vivons pas ensemble. — We don't live together.
  • Ce n'est pas si mauvais. — That isn't so bad.

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