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  5. "The trip is in the fall."

"The trip is in the fall."

Translation:Aia ka huakaʻi i ke kau hāʻulelau.

December 22, 2018



Hāʻule is to fall (from an upright position), drop, tumble. We already know Lau means Leaf (if we remember Laulau, leaf-wrapped and baked packets of food). Put together, Hāʻulelau means "leaves falling" or Autumn/Fall.


neat, but most trees in Hawai'i are not deciduous, and many of those that do drop leaves, do it in the summer when things get dry


Not sure when this word came into being, but it seems when whoever decided they needed a word for autumn (not to describe anything happening in Hawai'i) they made it literal / understandable to everyone... Like spring (I'd say there's no spring here either?) - wehewehe actually says "Season. No Hawaiian word; terms sometimes used: kupulau..." (and "kupu" is "nvi. Sprout, growth", so again, descriptive).

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