"Maui is pleasant in the spring."

Translation:ʻOluʻolu ʻo Maui i ke kau kupulau.

December 22, 2018

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    Kupu is to sprout, grow, germinate. It can mean offspring as well. Lau means leaf. Spring, ke kau kupulau is when "leaves sprout"


    kupulau does not require "kau" before it. " ʻOluʻolu ʻo Maui i ke kupulau" is perfectly acceptable. The only season that requires the kau prefix is summer kau wela.


    Are "i" and "ma" interchangeable? I am marked wrong with "ma."

    [deactivated user]

      Rabelon, I still have to look up everything, but what I found is that i/ma both mean in/on/at. Where they differ: "i" can mean to/toward and is used in time phrases to tell when something happens. Ma does not mean "to/toward" and does not commonly occur with time phrases. The given example is "i ka ʻauinalā"/in the afternoon, which makes me think that "in the spring" has to take the "i."


      Thanks! I guess it is just one more thing to commit to memory.

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