"The concert is on January tenth."

Translation:Aia ka ʻaha mele ma ka lā ʻumi o Ianuali.

December 22, 2018

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Why does it say "Lanuali" is a typo, correcting it to "lanuali"? The other months are capitalized, why shouldn't this one be?


Can someone help me or point me to another dicussion that explains when to use o and when to use aia? Thanks


I put "... ʻo Ianuali" because a previous explanation noted that you're naming the month so it has the ʻokina before the "o" The program accepted what I typed, but with the clarification the the "o" should have no ʻokina. SO I'm still really confused about this.


"Aia ka ʻaha mele ma ka la ʻumi" is a complete sentence. To further qualify it you add "of" March, January, or the tenth millenia.


Oh my god, i am so frustrated by ho'ike / 'aha mele. They keep changing it and it seems to come down to guessing.

[deactivated user]

    ma ka lā umi on day 10 vs *ma ka umi lā" on the tenth day--any thoughts?


    I'd have translated "ma ka ʻumi lā" as "on the ten days..."


    Could this not equally be “Aia ma ka lā ʻumi o Ianuali ka ʻaha mele”?

    I’ve seen other phrases that accept both the thing that’s happening before the time it happens AND the time it happens before the thing that’s happening. Is this the one any different?

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