The practice button - How it works?


It seems like the practice button on Duo brings me back to the first couple of lessons.

Somehow it feels like time wasted when I`m asked about vocabulary and sentence structure completed and mastered several weeks ago. Is there some sort of settings for the practice button?

It would be nice if the button would give you the more advanced questions from various skills mastered instead of giving you questions from lower levels on well-practiced skills.

I could aswell click the skill to practice but i´d like it to be randomized among the skills mastred.

Yours sincerely

December 22, 2018


Quote: Is there some sort of settings for the practice button?

No there are not any settings.

However, you can select single skills for re-strengthening with the Tampermonkey user script or your progress page as "workarounds" (or shall I say as the better / more complete solutions to your "Home" page), as the "skill crown overlay UI web frontend" (and mobile app) has removed those accessible links when the half-baken "crown update" was rolled out in February-April 2018.

[HOWTO]: Different ways for spaced repetition with skill strength viewer (user script and extension):

Quote: Somehow it feels like time wasted when I`m asked about vocabulary and sentence structure completed and mastered several weeks ago

Which skill strength level are they? 25-75%?

AFAIK the very first few basic skills are skipped and rarely selected when I hit the global PRACTICE button.

But you are right, you can not easily focus on the more recently learned skills at the bottom of your tree.

[FEATURE REQUEST]: Generic practice (Strenghten skills) needs added "bottom to top" setting per tree":

Quote: I could aswell click the skill to practice but i´d like it to be randomized among the skills mastered.

Once upon a time, there was hope that the PRATICE button changes (improves) its algorithm when your tree strength is back at 100%.

I am aware of a user troubleshooting report (that was months ago!) where his Italian crown L5 tree @ 100% strength showed to him, that the review code nowadays seems to be completely broken and introduces new bugs, so it (first bug):

  • 1) would still try to pick the (too) early skills which were at 100% strength or bring these 1-3 skills over and over again instead of moving on
  • 2) would focus on single skills
  • 3) was not be able to mix random skills

  • 4) is not able to mix all dedicated "grammar skills" or "verb tense grammar skills" into a single exercise:
    The best would be if we could manually select grammar skills and how long a session should last (>20 questions like 50-100 questions).

It might have been better working in the pre-crown 2016-2017 era or few years ago with the old Python web code where quite often multiple skills were re-strengthened at the same time.

For sure the PRACTICE code is broken at the moment if you have reached the highest L5 crown level for a skill (this is the second bug); so maybe this was the main issue for the user with his Italian tree or maybe (probably) there were actually two bugs...


Sometimes it is quite sad that we have no clue about what lead backend developers are working on and if bugs have been fixed or not.

There is not a public bug tracking tool to see which priority 1 bugs have been confirmed at the US HQ, are closed and patched and in which rolled out version (date)...or reports simply stay ignored for a longer time.

Unfortunately, in the past months I have not seen a single staff member either confirm or explain why the practice button is that broken.

Thankfully it works pretty good for me - especially as "timed practice" which was re-engineered some months ago (much harder now) - on L1-L3 skill crown levels and less than 100% total strength for picking single skills from the top to the bottom; but it is of course still missing the random approach of mixing 3-5+ skills.

With best regards / Viele Grüße

December 24, 2018

Could you please move your thread to "Troubleshooting", away from the Spanish language related sub-forum where no staff member or any other user (who does not learn Spanish from English) can read it?

December 24, 2018

[deactivated user]

    Yeah, I've noticed the same thing.

    December 22, 2018

    I'm guessing that the practice button prioritizes your weakest skills to be practiced first. As time goes on, your skills decay in strength, which you can see if you click on the "words" tab. Since the basics are the earliest skills you've done, they are also most likely your least strengthened skills.

    The practice button works best when you use it everyday; you'll have your old skills strengthened so that you're more likely to practice newer skills that need practice.

    December 22, 2018

    Which practice button are you talking about? I assume the global one rather than specific lesson one.

    As Djedida rightly points out, the global practice button will focus on your weakest skills first. These can be seen here:

    All your skills seem to be at 100%, so the global practice button should practice all your skills randomly, it shouldn't focus on the earliest ones.

    December 22, 2018

    the practice button is essentially progressing on its own. If you make it a habit to use before or after each lesson it will follow your progress, but if you don’t use it, it will remain in the beginning. I could see this by just stopping my own progress in the tree and using the practice button a long time. I brought it up to where I was in the tree.

    Unfortunately, I went past where I was and found the practice jumped back. if it really does look at weakest points, it’s after you have moved it forward past were you are. It behaved more random.

    In any case, it seems to let you practice very easy things. I’m not sure if it’s because I still haven’t done higher crowns or if it always is this way.

    I believe the best way is to keep it a week after your own progress. this way you always get a refresher from past week.

    by the way, if you wonder at what lesson it is just look at the last practiced words (in the words list)

    December 23, 2018

    I can not get in to practice this morning

    June 2, 2019
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