"Newspapers are not produced by banks."

Translation:Koran tidak diproduksi oleh bank.

December 23, 2018

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Why is the plural "Koran-koran" not required?


It should be accepted as well


Perhaps its meaning can be inferred as plural.


It should be/have been accepted if it isn't/wasn't but I feel like you only need to reduplicate plural to avoid ambiguity. A single newspaper is not made by a bank feels like a meaningless statement compared to newspapers are not made by banks, context does most of the pluralizing. At least from what I understand, personally.


I think in a general rule there is no need to specify the number.

Same goes for English.

Newspapers are not produced by banks.

A newspaper is not produced by a bank.

However if you talk about some specific newspapers it would be a different case.

These newspapers are not produced by banks. (meanwhile all others are)

Koran koran ini tidak diproduksi oleh bank.

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