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I have a little time on my hands, so I’ve decided to create this Hebrew immersion resource for people to use. Feel free to add, comment, and ask questions! Hope this helps :)

So, without further ado:
- Radio
- News sites
- YouTube
- Children Stuff

December 23, 2018


News Sites:

The news sites are either dedicated news -sites, originating from traditional newspapers, or the broadcasting sites for the television networks.

The three major news sites (newspapers):
- Ynet: This is more right-wing site
- HaAretz: This is a more left-wing site
- Walla: This is a more left-wing site

The four network news sites:

December 23, 2018

I wouldn't call ynet a right wing site. Or even inclining to the right wing side.

Well, it's more right wing than HaAretz....

But not as much as channel 7... I'd put it the same place with channel 10

Which one is channel 7? I'm completely lost on what is happening with the broadcasting channels. Another reason I didn't do a TV category here...

I agree that and ynet are about the same.

מצחיק קצת ששיחה בין ישראלים על ערוצי טלוויזיה בישראל מתנהלת באנגלית חחחח

Well, yes :D

But after all the point is to help other people who aren't Israeli to understand what they're getting into.

Honestly, I wish there was someone to do this for other languages as well...

Oh wow! Yes, that's very right-winged.

@CatSamwise I think french have lots of good stuff to help yourself get to know the french culture and language.


There are two main options here: Either Ministry of Education “Easy Hebrew” Radio, specifically designed for people learning Hebrew; or just general Israeli Radio.

“Easy Hebrew” – רדיו בעברית קלה

Israeli radio stations online
The categories in the link are:
- Israeli Radio רדיו ישראלי
- Regional Radio רדיו אזורי
- Israeli Radio from Around the World רדיו ישראלי מהעולם
- Stations by Style תחנות לפי סגנונות
- (Jewish) Religious Radio רדיו דתי
- Radio Stations Online תחנות רדיו באינטרנט
- Web Radio רדיו אינטרנטי
- Eastern Radio רדיו מזרחית
- Student Radio רדיו סטודנטים
- World Radio רדיו עולמי

Of the different radio stations, each has its own thing, obviously. I don’t know them all (feel free to add descriptions to the ones I don’t know…)

Also, a general note: Most radio stations have a news broadcast at the top of the hour, every hour.

  • רדיו רקע
    This station’s purpose is to give information to immigrants, so most of the time the programs are not in Hebrew… Mostly Russian, but there are also programs in English and Swahili. Probably not the one to listen to if you’re learning Hebrew
  • קול המוסיקה
    This is classical music station. There’s very little Hebrew here.
  • גלי צה"ל
    This is the official IDF radio, but don’t let that deter you. This broadcast is dedicated to discussion programs, talking out the day’s events both political and not. There is mostly only talking here with many different participants, so expect different pronunciations, different accents etc. I would recommend this to advanced learners.
  • רשת ג'
    This is a music station with 100% only Hebrew songs. Considered to err towards more “oldies” songs.
  • גלגלצ
    This is the other IDF radio station but is considerably more lighthearted. This station is dedicated to popular music and airs half-Israeli songs and half-International. If one is only beginning their immersion into Hebrew, this station is where I would recommend starting. The pop songs generally don’t have complicated lyrics, the frequent international songs would allow one to rest one’s brain from time to time & this radio is not limited to one musical genre allowing one to explore & find their own favorite Israeli performers.

Children Stuff:

Children's music channel on YouTube:
הופ! ילדות ישראלית
The songs are short and easy to learn & there are links to other children's channels with other similar content from there.

Children Books:
- Most of Julia Donaldson’s books have been translated to Hebrew. The translations are really good and can be used for easy reading.
Popular Israeli children’s authors:
- Rinat Hoper. She wrote “Ayelt’s Day out”, “Hanan the Gardner” and many more. Stories built on repetition and can help children and adults to learn new words and phrases.
איילת מטיילת, חנן הגנן ועוד.
- Miriam Rot. She wrote “A tale of Five Balloons”, “Hot Corn” and others. Classic Israeli books. All Israeli children know these by heart.
מעשה בחמישה בלונים, תירס חם, ועוד.


עברית בסימנטוב
A very old (black and white) TV show that teaches Hebrew through situation-comedy (I think):

This is great, thanks! I have tried listening to גל צה''ל and also the news from כאן , but I could hardly understand any of it. I have a hard time with language comprehension, but after watching the first episode, I at least knew what was going on. I love the theme song too.

I'm happy you enjoy these!

גלי צה"ל
The official IDF radio: I talk about it a little below in the radio section - it's really for advance learners. I personally can't listen to them because it's so exhausting and I'm a native >_

I wrote a question to you below this is fantastic despite it's age and being in black and white!

Thanks a lot for this site. It is really fun

Kan (כאן, meaning "Here") is the Israeli National Broadcasting Corporation, and it has plenty of content in all medias- radio, news site, podcasts, several YouTube channels etc. They post tons of funny/interesting/amusing videos on YouTube, most of which have subtitles in case they speak too fast for you. is the site domain, and you can look up "כאן" on YouTube or Google.

Ha'aretz (הארץ), Ynet, Mako and Walla are popular newsites in Israel. Note that most of the contents in Ha'aretz are for members only, and that the language there (as well as in most radio channels and some other media bodies) can be challenging for a beginner. Good luck!

Which Israeli site is easier for Hebrew learners to comprehend? :) I'm an advanced beginner but the news makes me a bit nervous even though I try to watch must use subtitles like they have on you tube!!

Defiantly try the Easy Hebrew site:

I have it listed in Radio, but there is plenty of content there to read, all designed for Hebrew learners...

Thanks this is great! I can read along and listen simultaneously this makes learning much easier!!

Thank you very much!!

You're welcome! :)

Thank you also!! Do you know I met Simon Tov the actor/comedian in 1980 is he still above ground? My mom had a wonderful time singing "Oklahoma" with him at a Mimuna celebration it was hilarious!!

Honestly I don't know. But taking into account that the show aired in 1975, I'd hazard a guess that no...

It's always great to have fond memories of celebrities... :) has over 700 songs/videos to learn hebrew with. Check it out

I just want to mention you can get many of these channels if you have a Roku, it's a private channel, which just means it's not part of Roku's options so you add it to your channels list (QVC uk is also a private channel, it's not like a secret thing).

To find out more, here it the info

And here's how you add it to your roku list:

Kan Digital channel on YouTube has many episodes/shows with English subtitles as well. Like the funny trilogy, traveling Israel:

Kan China series with Chinese broadcasters based in Israel & Lucy Ayoub:

And their series for Eurovision, "behind the curtain" about countries outside of Israel, (in a fun pop-up video way):

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