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ka lā ʻehia / Pōʻahia

What is the difference? Can they be used interchangeably?

December 23, 2018



If you use Pōʻahia, you are asking about which day of the week specifically; the answer would be Monday, Tuesday, etc. With ka lā ʻehia you are asking about the date, so the answer would be something like the 15th of January, the 10th of March, etc.


In the old days the Hawaiians thought of a day starting on the previous night-- Something like Saturday evening being counted as Sunday in the Catholic Church. "lā" means day. "Pō" means night. Both 'ehia and 'ahia mean how many-- So either way you are asking: How many days into the week i.e. What day? Anyway, that's my thought.

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