Thinking of starting the Czech tree.

Hay guys and gals.

I’m thinking of starting Czech, but I just want to know how many lessons are in this tree, and will my LIMITED polish experience help me?

Thanks in advance.

December 23, 2018

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Limited polish knowledge may help you, but if it's really limited then probably not much. I am a native czech and I can tell you that when a Czech and Polish meet, if they both want, they can have some kind of communication. I can also pretty much understand polish TV ... although I never really tried to watch a full movie or something. The languages are pretty close, but to benefit from it I believe you would have to have a good grasp of one of them.

December 24, 2018

slavic languages are not the best targets for casual exposure. keeping three of them separate in a non-slavic learner's head could be a bigger issue than whether a limited exposure to one helps in sampling another. yeah, maybe the shock of the existence of genders and cases will be avoided. my recommendation would be to stick with ukrainian.

Ok, I was going to do Ukrainan at some point. Thanks for the recommendation.

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