"You like reading newspapers."

Translation:Tu aimes lire les journaux.

April 5, 2013

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[deactivated user]

    I might just be suffering from stupidity, but did it specify "the" anywhere?


    No. But french requires articles. Here I think both "Tu aimes lire les journaux" and "Tu aimes lire des journaux" are correct. But never "Tu aimes lire journaux". That's not possible.

    [deactivated user]

      Well I get that much, but I used "des jounaux" it didn't like that


      'des journaux' now accepted. [12/06/2014]


      Maybe it wants "des journaux" only for "some newspapers", which could also be translated as "quelques journaux"... I don't really know. But even if you lost a heart, now you know that you can use both. I would get what you mean.

      [deactivated user]

        It screwed me over a bit just by saying no to my "des". But ya, now I know it's wanting "les", though rather fluent friends have told me that this site is still a bit off in places.


        Obviously everything is not perfect. But don't hesitate to signal anything that might seem wrong, I know they make a really good job taking that into account


        i thought that it must to put t´aimes at the same as j´aime but is not correct, why?


        It's correct, don't worry. It's probably listed as a mistake because it's considered to be a more informal way of writing.


        why my answer: Tu aimes lire des journaux is not correct? There was not any THE in the English text which indicate to use LE/LA /LES.


        Vous aimez la lecture des journaux how is this wrong? even try google translating this

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