"Ea este doamna casei?"

Translation:Is she the lady of the house?

December 24, 2018



Sounds weird (for me) in English. However, it probably makes sence if doamna can be translated as "hostess".

December 24, 2018


hostess could have a completely different meaning nowadays, usually hard to associate with a Lady

December 28, 2018


You are probably right. We have a word in Ukrainian, "Gazda", which means something like "householder" with an emphasis on household (or estate) management. It also has a female form, "Gazdynia", which I thought might be a good translation to "doamna casei". And "hostess" looked like the closest English word by meaning.

December 28, 2018


gazda is a word in romanian as well, it means the host. gazdele - the hosts is a term used a lot in sports for the home team

December 30, 2018


It's archaic I think in most places now, but certainly would still be used on formal occasions in some settings.

February 11, 2019

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This is a phrase usually associated with door to door salesmen. It's quite old fashioned but still used occasionally, especially to young girls who might open the door to them.

February 15, 2019
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