Turkish club for English speakers!

I just created this Turkish club for English speakers.

If you would like to join us here is the code: J65BUB

Please join and stay active Good Luck! :)

1 month ago


How join ?

1 month ago

From your mobile app you'll find the third icon at the bottom in each language is your club.

Choose the turkish language

It will ask you to either join a club by code or randomly

Choose by code and enter the code above

1 month ago

Arkadaşlar Duolingo yu bitirmiş olanlar[ bitirmeyenler de katılabilir elbette ancak b1 seviyesinde olacak) quizletteki sınıfıma katılabilirler.Burada b1 seviyesinde kelimeler paylaşıyorum.Quizlet i bilmeyenler araştırabilir.Sınıfıma bir göz atmanızı rica ederim.

İyi çalışmalar.

1 month ago
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Would you translate it in English,my English isn't good enough to understand the whole thing yet ,thank you !

1 month ago

Friends (Guys/Gals!), those who have completed Duolingo may join my class in Quizlet (others can join as well but better be above b1 level). Those who don't know Quizlet may seach/google it. I kindly ask you to check on my class.

Good [wish you success in] studying.

P.S. Use "tureng" for dict needs. Just omit suffixes and use root to find basic meanings, it may help.

1 month ago


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