"Nitakula chakula chochote"

Translation:I will eat any food

December 24, 2018

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every time this sentence comes up, I feel like it's saying "I want to eat chocolate!!!"


No hay gente de España riéndose por akí? :O


Wachina hukula aina za vyakula vyote hata wanakula mende.Hapa kwetu haiwezekani !


Wilson writes (Simplified Swahili, p.131): “ Where ‘cho chote’ is met without any qualifying noun, it is generally understood to agree with ‘kitu’ and thus means ‘anything at all’. If there is food, then it could be assumed to agree with ‘chakula’ in which case it would mean ‘a little taste of food’ (lit. any food at all).” So perhaps this should be “I will eat a little food”?

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