"I have your TV."

Translation:Eu estou com a sua TV.

April 5, 2013

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Is "Eu tenho sua TV" a correct alternative?


Word-for-word translation. It's a correct translation, but I don't think you'll hear that. It could be used if you have the same kind of TV, but then we say "eu tenho uma tv igual à sua"


Ah ok. I have some follow up questions if that's ok?

Would it be the same for sentences like "You have my TV", "We have our TV", "I have their TV" etc.

What if instead of TV it was the something permanent, like a kidney transplant, would it be "Eu sou com sua rim"?.

If the object is not a real thing, eg "I have your trust", is it "eu estou com confiança"?


yep, as I stated before, when you say you have other things with you, you say, for example "eu estou com a sua caneta", (I have the pen, not im with the pen.)

As for the kidney sentence (good point, btw) that would be the same way: "estou com seu rim", but that would sound ok if you use "tenho seu rim agora"

For not real things, it will depend on what you want to say: "I have your trust" -- "Eu tenho sua confiança" (that would mean "I'm aware you trust me")


muito obrigado!


And sometimes we have to differenciate: "Eu tenho seu celular" (I have you cell phone number) "Eu estou com seu celular" (I have your cell phone)... when you have the information about other people's belongings, you can use "ter" (Eu já tenho/ Eu já estou com seus documentos - I already have your documents - maybe photocopied) "Eu tenho seu endereço" (I have your address - 'I know what your address is').. got it?


I think I've got it. I'll soon find out haha. Thanks again :)


It looks like "I am with your TV." Like you're just hanging out or something.


In case anyone wonders, right now Duo is accepting "sua TV" and "sua televisor", which is not right. People call a television set by three names: TV (which is feminine), televisão (wich is feminine) and, more rarely, televisor (which is masculine). Thus the answer would be "Eu tenho seu televisor", not "sua televisor".


Pretty tired of getting new material in the review with wrong hints.


No intro to this and wrong hints!


Should "eu ficou com a tua TV" be accepted or is it completely wrong?


Its some of the differences portuguese/english. When we say, for example, eu estou com a caneta, in english we say i have the pen, not im with the pen. I dont know if in english it would be the same, but i would say "eu fico com sua tv" as "i get your tv"


Interestingly, this is the same pattern used in Irish in lieu of having a verb meaning 'to have'.


Whats the difference between eu sou and eu estou


Estou is temporary, sou is permanent. Same with Esta/Estao/Estamos


What about if it is your TV? Eu estou com a minha TV? or would Eu tenho a minha TV work? If it is yours, you own it permanently, if that makes sense!

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