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  5. "नेहा को ठंड नहीं लग रही है।"

"नेहा को ठंड नहीं लग रही है।"

Translation:Neha is not feeling cold.

December 24, 2018



Why ko ? It is so frustrating, overall I get everything except ko !!!


Literally, the sentence translates to To Neha, cold, not, attaching.

See this website for more info: https://www.learning-hindi.com/post/42603252487/lesson-134-the-verb-%E0%A4%B2%E0%A4%97%E0%A4%A8-lagnaa-part-1


Very interesting, thanks


I thinks it's because in this case, I would be मुझे (to I) and you would be तुझे (to you). For names, it must need को as (to) to refer to Neha???


I wonder what is the subject of this sentence, if there is "ko" it cannot be Neha anymore since Neha ko becomes datif. .


Ok i got it thanks to the link avove :

Tend is the subject, not Neha, abd tend is a feminine word.

Very interesting link by the way.

Mujse lagta hai ki hindi nahi asaan hai.


Would this have the same meaning as 'Neha doesn't feel cold (at the minute)'?


That was my thought on this sentence. "Neha is not feeling cold" sounds more like a transliteration rather than a translation of the meaning. In English, if a person does not presently feel cold, they "do not feel cold."

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