Duo team, the Hawaiian course rarely has audio. Why is that?

December 24, 2018


I think they're working on it. Quite a bit more audio has been added in just the last day or two.

Yes I've noticed more audio the last week or so. It's good they're working on that.

I know! I really find it very annoying!

Because they decided to release the course while still in development rather than wait until the entire course was complete. It's still a rather underdeveloped course, but the Hawaiian team is working hard to add and expand, so over time you will hear more audio and eventually some more Skills, too.

This is the standard for "smaller" languages in Duolingo. If it is not the official language of a highly developed country with a population bigger than 5 million, expect as much.

when I use the desktop browser version it has lots of audio - on my phone app not so much

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