December 24, 2018



I love Hawaiian, ( I dont know why im choosing to comment on this particular question to express my feelings, so I apologize if this was no help in understanding what "hale" means) and learning it has been very fun. I am obviously not an expert at Hawaiian, nor any language, but I believe that Hawaiian is one of the most beautiful languages on Earth. Many disagree- and chose French, Italian, or Brazillian as the most beautiful language in the world. (There are many other beautiful languages not mentioned, so please don't get offended by my examples) I have always dreamt of visiting Hawaii, surfing, and enjoying the beautiful islands. Now lets get to my point- I know this has absolutely no relation to "hale", and I apologize again, but I just want to say thank you to Duolingo and all the coders, programmers, and all other developers for creating Duolingo.(Im sorry if these are not the correct terms for these jobs. I apologize, and do not mean to offend any of the workers at Duolingo. ) This one app creates so many beautiful things that I could go on forever talking about. It brings people together! Many people will probably read this thinking that "Bringing people together" shouldn't have to involve technology. I agree in some cases, and some not. Technology has its pros and cons, and the thing I am very excited to explain is a very important pro of technology, and this app. Duolingo opens up so many possibilities. It teaches you a language! A totally different way of speaking, and thinking! It is just amazing! Learning a language is already extremely impressive, and the possibilities it opens up to the everyday person are outstanding. Once you learn the langauge, you can communicate with other speakers of that language. They can teach you things about their history, about their origin, about their country, or city's origin and/or history. You make friends. You have fun. You learn much. You experience lots. Learning a language opens up many possibilities. It teaches you so much, it opens up your mind. Learning a language is beautiful. It brings peace, and harmony. Learning a language brings people together.

Thank you, Duolingo, for contributing to peace and harmony in our world. Thank you for everything, Duolingo. Everything.

  • A very happy Duolingo user. ♡


What would be the phonic spelling or pronunciation of this word?


It's already written phonetically, just pronounce every letter (the e is not silent and does not effect the pronunciation of the a). In fact in IPA, it's still just written as [hale].


Yeah, so when I wrote this there was no audio. Nothing to give a hint as to differentiate ae from ai. They still seem REALLY close in pronunciation even with audio. The stress on the letters are so slight it's driving me nuts!!!!


For some reson its on mute


Why doesnt it say the word

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