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"Yo estoy haciendo una investigación."

Translation:I am doing an investigation.

April 5, 2013



"I am conducting an investigation" sounds even more idiomatic to me


On Duo, it is usually better to go with the obvious -- "haciendo" =doing


I agree. There may be many different and good ways to articulate the same thought/idea in English, but they may not all be in the Owl's computer data base. It is best to go with what you know she wants and not risk losing a heart and maybe having to start over just to see if a different and valid translation is in the data base.


the owl is here to teach us wrong and/or unnatural phrases? oh really?! getting a "heart" or a useless "lingot" is more important than proper language?!! what do they teach them in those schools?...


I have no idea what this "losing a heart" thing is and I've been on Duo Lingo both desktop and Android for over 6 months.


It's an old method of motivating users. Duo no longer (as far as I know) uses that approach. My understanding is that one started a lesson with a number of hearts. When a mistake was made, a heart was "lost." If you lost all of your hearts, you had to start the lesson over. Losing hearts was serious business, unless you had a high tolerance for frustration.


Same here, I have even dared to go so far as to put it in, and to my great surprise, it was accepted. Cheers, Duo.


In English, the more active version would be "I am investigating." Would it be correct in Spanish to say "Yo estoy investigando."?


Yes, but I would drop the yo.


I am carrying out an investigation seems equally valid to me


"I'm doing research" is better than "I'm doing a research" - the latter sounds super Spanglish to me.


Agree with this. I would never say "I am doing a research". Just "research". Or maybe a "piece of research".


I agree - native speakers always say "I am doing research" even when describing a defined topic e.g. I am doing research into the incorrect use of articles in Duolingo translations ...


"Me llamo Sherlock Holmes. No estoy haciendo una investigación; yo simplemente observo."


Me encanta este juego.


we are all enchanted, or else we would not be here lol


I am doing a research... me lo puso mal!!


In English research is usually "investigaciones" (plural) and it would be "I am doing research." for "Estoy haciendo investigaciones."

"una investigación" could be translated as "a piece of research", but in English we just don't say "I am doing a piece of research." We would use the plural above for research. You could say "I research into.....", but there is nothing being described as being researched. The best translation is already given: "I am doing an investigation." http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-spanish/research


iam doing/conducting research es estoy investigando. Creo la respuesta debería ser "i am conducting a research"


Isn't saying "Yo estoy" redundant? Should it not be just "Estoy"?


The duolingo translations are a little awkward. I like "conducting" and simply "investigating" better and I also like "performing".


I got "...having an investigation" wrong. I've never heard "...making an investigation" before, which was shown as correct.


Stof1968 you are correct. In Britain we would "conduct" an investigation.


"I'm doing a research" would not be considered correct in any version of English that I've ever heard.


"I am doing a reasearch project" would be. I agree. The sentence is incomplete.


oooh investigtations. My dad does privat investigations.


"I am carrying out an investigation" what is wrong with that?


"I am making and investigation" was not accepted.

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