"What day is this?"

Translation:ʻO ka Pōʻahia kēia?

12/25/2018, 7:11:17 AM



Why "Po'ahia" instead of "lā 'ehia"?

12/25/2018, 7:11:17 AM


Pōʻakahi - Pōʻaono = Pōʻahia/Monday - Saturday uses Pōʻ--- so maybe itʻs consistent with that way? I wonder why lā is used over pō since days which are actually nights are the norm for saying Mon - Sat except Lā Pule/La Sabati which breaks the pattern of pō. Maybe the phases of the moon may have been how days/nights were called pre-contact with the outside world?

12/30/2018, 2:43:01 AM

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It asks, "What day of the week is today?" (or weekday) as opposed to ʻO ka lā ehia/What day is this? (i.e.: January 6) Thatʻs the only difference I can see. Even in English, Iʻm never sure which question is really being asked.

1/6/2019, 9:48:49 PM

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Yes, English is the problem! Many people use the word (day) to also mean date which is very confusing.

ʻO ka Pōʻahia kēia? = What day is this?

ʻO ka Pōʻahā kēia. = Today is Thursday.

3/4/2019, 12:44:02 AM
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