"What day is this?"

Translation:ʻO ka Pōʻahia kēia?

December 25, 2018

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Why "Po'ahia" instead of "lā 'ehia"?


Pōʻakahi - Pōʻaono = Pōʻahia/Monday - Saturday uses Pōʻ--- so maybe itʻs consistent with that way? I wonder why lā is used over pō since days which are actually nights are the norm for saying Mon - Sat except Lā Pule/La Sabati which breaks the pattern of pō. Maybe the phases of the moon may have been how days/nights were called pre-contact with the outside world?

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    It asks, "What day of the week is today?" (or weekday) as opposed to ʻO ka lā ehia/What day is this? (i.e.: January 6) Thatʻs the only difference I can see. Even in English, Iʻm never sure which question is really being asked.


    Yes, English is the problem! Many people use the word (day) to also mean date which is very confusing.

    ʻO ka Pōʻahia kēia? = What day is this?

    ʻO ka Pōʻahā kēia. = Today is Thursday.

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