"Where did Julia go?"

Translation:जूलिया कहाँ गयी?

December 25, 2018

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Earlier I saw in the forums that for the sentence 'तुमने क्या लिखा' is right as the verb लिखा agrees with क्या but the sentence आपने क्या लिखी was not accepted because the verb लिखी doesn't agree with क्या। If that was the case, then जूलिया कहाँ गया should be right as on that logic ? If no, then why आपने क्या लिखी was not accepted?


This is because जाना is an intransitive verb while लिखना is transitive.

A transitive verb is one which can take one or more direct objects (Eg: मैंने चिट्ठी लिखी where चिट्ठी is the object of the verb लिखना).

(Though it seems that in phrases like 'घर जाना', घर is an object of जाना, it is not so because there is an implicit postposition between the two words. जाना is intransitive and cannot take a direct object)

Transitive verbs always agree with the gender (and number) of the object. In case there is no object, it is masculine. (Eg: 'The girl wrote' is 'लड़की ने लिखा' because there is no object ). Also, in the past tense, the subject of an intransitive verb always appears in the oblique case along with the postposition ने as seen in the example.

On the other hand, intransitive verbs agree with the gender(and number) of the subject. Eg: 'लड़का दिल्ली गया' uses masculine गया even though दिल्ली is feminine because the subject लड़का is masculine.

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