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"This is not a new phenomenon."

Translation:Este não é um fenômeno novo.

April 5, 2013



Why not 'isto' instead of 'este'?


why should I state fenômeno novo here instead of novo fenômeno, and why should I say futuro marido instead of marido futuro


There is already a discussion on this topic. As soon as i find that i send you the link.


Paulenrique, I looked at the comments about adjectives being before and after, but I still don't see why, in this situation with "novo" that it must be after and not before. I don't see how one has more emphasis than the other. Can you explain further, please?


The position of some adjectives may change their meaning, usually from literal (after the noun) to more abstract or subjective (before the noun). As a native speaker, I can "feel" that "novo fenômeno" means it is not like the other fenomena: it's original stuff, not seen before. And "fenômeno novo" means it is recent stuff. Even so, the context can also change the meaning, like in English.


Yeah, in other answers it's marked me wrong for putting "novo" after. I think this question is actually right and the others where they marked me wrong for saying "noun - novo" were incorrect. Hence "bossa nova"


Some time the position means different things, but in this case "novo fenômeno or fenômeno novo"means the same. But take care because. Eu sou um homem novo" means totally different than Eu sou um novo homem".


Ok. Qual é o significafo diferente entre estas duas frases, por favor.


Não sou professor mas não vejo diferença entre Este não é um fenômeno novo Este não é um novo fenômeno. Mas Eu sou um homem novo pode significar que sou jovem e Eu sou um novo homem pode significar que eu mudei meu comportamento ou a maneira como penso.


Hi guys! Why do I sometimes have to put novo/nova before the nuon and sometimes after. Don't catch the logics in this... Alguém por favor!?


Why not "Isto" ?


It should be accepted also.

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