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  5. "Aia ka ʻuala ma ke pā."

"Aia ka ʻuala ma ke pā."

Translation:The sweet potato is on the plate.

December 25, 2018



Seems odd that "ke pā" can mean "dishes," but not "dish"!


Report it. From wehewehe.org : 2. n. Dish, plate, pan; elongated food bowl used for meat or fish; flat basin; phonograph record, disk (preceded by ke). Cf. halepā.


Why is this "ke pā" and not "ka pā"? I thought "ke" was only used when the next word begins with k, a, e, o.


There is no such limit. Change your "only" to "always," and only then it becomes a true statement. But "ke" is otherwise only used with certain words, several that start with "p," for example.

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