"My uncle's thirst is quenched with beer."

Translation:Kena koʻu ʻanakala i ka pia.

December 25, 2018

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I wonder why "ku'u" is always considered a typo?


Only because the relationship between you and your uncle is not intimate enough. A lover would be ku'u.

[deactivated user]

    Whaaa? This got a down-arrow? I have not heard this possessive with anything other than "ku'u ipo." Is someone using this possessive form with their car or dog?


    Actually ku'u could be used for anyone or anything you consider dear, such as ku'u hoa or ku'u ka'a, not just ipo. (not my -1 btw)

    [deactivated user]

      I believe you.


      That is a possible answer. Please report it as such.


      Why is ma not OK here?


      ma ka pia instead of i ka pia? The word ma is only for location. It cannot replace the word i in all situations. See the comment saying My uncle is satisfied by the beer. where the word i means by or because of, not at or in or on.

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