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"E heluhelu ʻoe i ka hapahā i hala ka hola ʻeono."

Translation:Read at 6:15.

December 26, 2018



My aha! moment: Hapa means part of or fragment. Hā hearkens back to ʻehā (four), therefore, hapahā is a fourth part (not 15, but rather a quarter). Hola is how Hawaiians pronounce "hour." Hapalua is (hapa+ʻelua) two parts, or half (not 30, but half of the hour).


Nice realization on hapahā and hapalua. Thanks for sharing.


Yes. I see this as borrowed English for half. Hapa = half. Hapaha = Half of Half, which is a quarter.


It's a good thing Hawaiians apparently never do anything at 45 minutes past the hour or else we would have to learn that also.


Why cannot one say six fifteen?

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