"She likes soft cakes."

Translation:Dia suka kue yang lembut.

December 26, 2018

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What the difference between Dia suka kue yang lembut and Dia suke kue lembut? I take it there's a difference in emphasis, but it's not entirely clear what that difference is


I got menyukai instead of suka in a multiple choice. Please, stop throwing new words at us in the first level of a new lesson on multiple choice exercises, as there is no info on new words.


"menyukai" is another form of "suka" with prefix and suffix me-i, in this sentence you could substitute suka with menyukai and both have the same meaning. the prefix 'me' is usually used to form an active verb, for example 'he drives a car' cant be translated as "dia kendara sebuah mobil", you have to add 'me-i' to 'kendara' and make it into "dia mengendarai sebuah mobil" to make the sentence correct, although in some cases, like this one, as far as i am aware, it has no difference.

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