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"My wife has had a cough for three days."

Translation:Istriku batuk sudah tiga hari.

December 26, 2018



Why does sudah go after the verb here, instead of before the verb, as usual.


i think it should go before the verb, some indonesian ethnic group speak like that though, might be the reason the question maker is confusing it. the indonesian sentence structure usually consists of subject, predicate, object and adverb(spok). in this question he/she might have confused 'sudah' as part of an adverb of time phrase 'sudah tiga hari', although as far as i know 'sudah' in this case, should go with the predicate (verb phrase) of 'sudah batuk' as it explains a condition.


Report it, maybe?


Istriku batuk sudah selama tiga hari.---why is it wrong?


As an Indonesian, I think the best answer is "Istriku sudah batuk selama tiga hari."


Ah thanks, I just wrote that as a question, but now I could delete my post. Please respond to more questions, if you can find the time !

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